Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Upcoming Travel Plans in Vuboqville

I really need a vacation. Unfortunately, I am hoarding all my vacation time for a 2 week VAY-KAY in October.

Right now, the only other travel plan I have is my pilgrimage to [near] Asheville to visit the parental units (and the Brother). Here they are in lovely matching knit hats and scarves, as knit by yours truly:


Aren't they cute?

Anyway, looks like I'll be taking a half day on Friday, September 15th, flying to Charlotte, where my brother will pick me up. Then, we'll drive the THREE ADDITIONAL HOURS to the folks' house. We'll spend Friday and Saturday nights there having loads of fun, I'm sure. Sunday, the parents will drop me off in Charlotte on their way to the beach (or somewhere).

My Long October VAY-KAY will be from October 7th(ish) to 22nd(ish). I'll be going to LONDON! YAY. Here's a picture from the last time I was in London:

I can't remember when this was; however, judging by the JCrew overcoat and still relatively clean bright blue Timberlands, possibly early March 2003?

[many minutes of deep thought later]

Yes! I just remembered! I went to London for my 33rd birthday! HAH! I'm a genius!

That's my friend, and former co-worker, Anne-Marie. We worked together in Japan. Her boyfriend, Kurt, took the picture. He was one of my students when I taught in China. I'll be staying with her again. Not sure where she lives now. She bought a new house. I think it's somewhere in South London. She used to live near the New Cross Gate train station ... the new place could still be close to there. Or it could be somewhere else. I'm almost 75% certain that it is in LONDON though!

WOO HOO! I'm going to LONDON!

I'm also hoping to hop the train up to Scotland for a couple of days. My friend, Mike, is moving to Glasgow at some point this Late Summer/Fall. It would be cool to hang out with him and his boyfriend, Matt, for awhile. AND, maybe even buy some ... YARN! WOOL! Scottish Wool! Aren't they famous for wool? I could KNIT! SWEATERS! HATS! SCARVES! WOOL!

OR maybe I'll just buy whisky! Mmm. Whisky. I learned this fascinating fact the other day:

In Ireland and the United States, it's spelled whiskey.
In Canada and Scotland, it's whisky.
How do you remember this? If the country has an e, so does the booze!

Hmm... perhaps I should start looking at airfare.

And soliciting advice on places to go/ fun things to do. [Keep in mind, Advice-Givers, that I've been to London several times (like maybe 6?) so I need interesting, unique places to go/ fun things to do]



  1. Being a pom/limey I may just be able to help you out with this! Firstly you could attempt to arrange a meet up with fellow blogger Jay.

    He writes some very funny stuff and I'll definately try to arrange a meeting next time I'm in UK. If he does meetings - I'm realy not sure. Dunno, but it could be worth a read and an email as he's in London.

    I'd also recommend that you don't get the train to scotland. Sign up to the and you'll see a train to Glasgow will involve changes, take a minimum of 6 1/2 hours and cost anything between £80 and £240.

    If however, you check out you will see a return flight from Gatwick (closest airport to South London) will cost you £32 and takes only 55 minutes. Don't worry about long check in and check out times, as it's domestic you can get by with just waving any photo ID, I'd recommend a drivers license over a passport because American passports just give the dumb staff a reason to hum and har about whether you're entitled to board a domestic flight, which of course, you are.

    TT and I had this problem so often we just applied for a British passport for her in the end to make things easier. Our staff hate non-european passports!

    While on the subject of easyjet I'd also suggest you see more of Europe while you're out there. Perhaps a flight to Venice (£34 return) or we enjoyed Krakow, Poland. That'll cost about £40.

    If you'd rather stay in the UK then some nice cities to visit are Nottingham, Bath/Bristol, Cambridge and If you want to go further afield Cardiff is actually quite nice. I hated it originally but once I'd been a few times and got to know the decent bars and restaurants it's actually pretty good. If you're going to do much train travel invest in a short term travel card, it'll give you good savings. And always book tickets in advance or you'll be stung (as you can see on the trainline site when they show Super Advance price vs On the day (£80->£240!))

    Sorry for rambling, I'll go now. Perhaps I should apply for some travel agency jobs?!

    Only Me!

    PS. I promise to continue updating the "Travels in Europe" part of my blog so you can see if any of the dozen or so countries we visited appeal to you...

  2. O, and incase you didn't already know, the city (or is a town?) of Brighton is the gay captial of the UK and only a short train ride from London. I'm straight, but even I manage to get groped every time I go there. It's probably worth a visit, but it's nicer in the summer than in October!

  3. tomokito10:57 AM

    your brother looks like "Aidan" (Sex & the City) in this photo...

  4. Only Me - Thanks for all the advice! I'll definitely look into the airfares ... but, there is something special about train travel [even if it does take FOREVER]

    tomokito - I'm not going to tell him you said that. It will only expand his already big head.

  5. Whiskey! Wool! YES! Buy me some nice yarn.