Thursday, August 31, 2006

After the Plethora of Posts

I think things will be a little slower here in VUBOQville today. Crazily enough, I actually have work to do. Not that I'm going to do it today (that's what Last Minute Friday Rushes are for), but I need to start getting everything organized ...

What must be done:
1. Update internet factsheet and table
2. Assign contact list updates
3. Update training manual
4. Compile and distribute monthly Federal Register table
5. Phone schedule for next week
6. Begin creating graphs for annual report

fun fun fun

Yesterday, after work, not much exciting happened.

I walked to Whole Foods.
I bought groceries.
I walked home.
I knitted.
I did laundry.
I knitted.
I ate a veggie burger.
I knitted.
I watched Walk the Line (which I loved, btw).
I called Mike, but it went straight to voicemail.
I didn't leave a message, because I was going to bed.
I went to bed.

I need to work on some exciting plans for the holiday weekend.
Mike wants to go to Be Bar's grand opening on Friday.
We've discussed possibly taking the bus to Philadelphia, but I don't know if we will.
I wonder if the weather will be good though?
If not, maybe it would be fun to just stay home and watch movies.

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