Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm Melting. I'm Melting.

So, I left work at 2:30 yesterday (yay!), by the time I got home I was a soggy drippy mess of moisture ... or as one of my former co-workers used to say, "I was glistening."

I'm blaming the heat for my 2 hour nap and the grogginess that followed.

I got up around 5, showered, and, at 6, headed to the bus stop - where I waited a sweltering 25 minutes for the next friggin' bus. What the hell up with that? A bus went by at 5:40, so I figured the next one would come around 6. Ha. Silly me.

I still managed to get to the restaurant before Darryl and Mike - Ha! Oh, right, Mike invited Tomoko, Robert, and myself to join him and Darryl for dinner at Zola to celebrate Darryl's birthday (again). Robert couldn't make it though. The food was yummy. I had the field green salad and a side platter of baby carrots, green beans, and cheesy mashed potatoes.

The green beans fucking rocked my world!!! They were awesome! I made everyone try them:

"EAT THESE GREEN BEANS," I hollered to the table beside us, waving my green bean-laden fork wildly in the air.

Perhaps, I had one too many Zolas, the signature cocktail, which is basically a clear cosmo.

For dessert, Tomoko and I split the Creamsicle, which consisted of orange flavored stuff and cream stuff and chocolate. YUM. Darryl and Mike got the butterscotch flight - three puddings made with 12, 15, and 21 year old scotch. YUM! [I liked the 15 the best].

After dinner, I metroed back to AU with Mike so that he could drive me home. YAY. Then, I came in and crashed. I had a headache - rich food, alcohol, and heat. Not a good combination. But, still, a fun evening.

As an extra bonus, this morning the buses were FREE! Yay for Code Red Ozone Alerts! WOO HOO! AND, I managed to catch the #12, which stops right by my office, as opposed to the #15, which is more frequent, but stops several blocks away.

I have leftover Thai Curry for lunch today. I think I'm going to make a pasta salad tonight for dinner (yum!). It's also Laundry Day and Project Runway 3, in which we will find out who gets asked to leave! Exciting! Not that I can watch PR3 until a few days from now on Mike's TiVo, but, still ...

I think I'm going to the PR3 site to see if I can glean any extra information.

Make it work, people!


  1. you sound like too much fun after a couple cocktails.


    Stay cool, it's over 100 here today (MA) with max humidity..

  2. I like green beans too :)

  3. Why don't ya Americans all come to the Netherlands for a week? We're having the coolest weather since months! Nice clouded, fresh weather... hmmm

  4. God I wish I lived in a town with real food! You're always describing the meals you have when you eat out and I'm jealous. Time for a vacation, I think!