Wednesday, August 16, 2006

North Carolina, Here I Come! Next Month.

I bought my ticket to North Carolina. The flight sucks - Dulles to Greensboro via Atlanta [5-6 hours flight time], but the price was right [$150]. My brother will pick me up at the airport and, then, we'll drive to my parents' house. I think it's about 3 or 4 hours from Greensboro. Ugh.

Considering that I will have to get to the airport 3 HOURS before departure (current TSA recommendation), I will be in transit for over 12 hours! GAH! I hope the parents appreciate this. Or at least reimburse me for the ticket. *heh*

One of the (very few) positives is that I'll be able to visit one of my favorite pottery/art shops. Yay! And maybe convince my parents to buy me things. YAY! I bought a coffee mug for the Cheating Cheater there. I should have taken it with me. bah. Here's the mug:

coffee and flowers

Speaking of the Cheating Cheater, for some odd reason, I really started missing him last night. Thank goodness I removed him from my speed dial or I probably would have called him. And that would've been messy. Sometimes I don't think about him at all. Other days, he's all I think about. So stupid.

The other day, Mike and I drove by his house (well, not right by, but close), and I mentioned something about him. Mike said, "You really miss him, don't you."

I stammered out an answer of yes, sort of. I miss having the good times that I had with him, but I don't miss the way he made me feel at the end. I don't miss that at all. I guess "missing" and "wanting to get back together" are two different things. And, I guess I'm not as over him as I want myself to be.


  1. Easy, Tiger. Let's not get all crazy and think about calling liar ex, or, er, I mean Cheating Cheater ex.

    It's only natural that you will have moments of melancholy and regret. Not much time has really passed. Probably, though, you are missing the lost future that you imagined together rather than the actual person (Who was a cheating cheater who cheated).

    On a side note, I will buy you a new mug if it will keep you from punching his digits.

  2. Pretty mug!

    Delete the cheating cheater from your phone! We don't want any drunk-dialing of cheating exes. Though there was the time I ran into an ex at a bar and he said he still loved me and we went back to his boyfriend's (who was out of town) place and...

  3. I say you you should do a drive-by with a rocket launcher!!! Teach that cheating heater to cheat cheatfully!!

    on seocnd thought...

    He is but a patch in your quilt of life. You learned something from him, and that is truly valuable.

  4. i still dream about my ex ex ex ex ex......boyfriend in a highschool.

  5. Oh... I feel for ya. Sam and I have been over for almost a year. September 3rd will be the one year anniversary of the big break up. And yet, there are still days where I think about him. Still days when I get all mushy and sad. But then I realize how much better off I am present day. Without him.

    Give yourself time. It hasn't been that long.

  6. I always missed my first "proper" partner right up until I met her five years later and she'd turned into a croca-dilla-heffa-mouse. I was glad then. I finally had closure. I'm sure the same thing will happen but it may take some time. You've got all your friends on here to support you until you forget about the ch ch ch ch guy...

  7. Croca-dilla-heffa-mouse! LOL!

    I'm sorry you miss what should have been with you and him. The dumb bastard. I'm sorry if you're ever lonely or blue. You're a beautiful, wonderful creature and if I could I'd find you a man to cherish your silly, knitting, cooking, movie-watching, cat-petting, sweet self.