Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Update

I'm at Christal's. I came over to take some pictures of her condo for her craigslist ad. She's going to be renting this place in a few months. The pictures are on my flickr count for now. I'll probably delete them after she downloads them. I checked her mail. Watered her plants. And, now, I'm goofing around on her computer with the slowest dialup connection ever.

I decided to check my profile. I hadn't updated it in over a year (I think). Of course, halfway through making the changes (current status: single. *sigh*), I decided to fuck it all and delete everything. I uploaded a picture from flickr and deleted everything in my profile. I figure if I ever decide to try online "dating" again, I'll simply create a new one. For now, I'm pretty much done with the whole thing. I met some nice friends through there, but none of the actually dates ever seemed to work out.

Other weekend news ... Friday night's happy hour extravaganza was fun. After TK left, Robert and I met Darryl and Mike. We went to Omega. *geh* I left (alone) around 11:30.

I was super hungover on Saturday, but managed to get to my hair appointment on time. YAY! After 30 minutes of Leah's stylistic magic, in addition to looking super hungover, I also looked super cute. I should have taken a picture, because I can never recreate that "fresh from the salon" look.

I went home, knitted for a bit, and took a major power nap. Then, I met Robert and Steve and Bobby in Chinatown. We saw Little Miss Sunshine, which I thought was excellent. Then, we went to Luna Cafe for a late dinner and Halo for after dinner drinks. Darryl met us there. Mike was too tired to come out (and too bad because he missed me at my super-cutest!).

Today, once I leave here, I'll stop off at the Whole Foods. I'm craving Chinese egg and tomato soup. I have no plans for the day other than veg on the sofa watching movies and knitting. I told Mike that he was more than welcome to join me, but I doubt he will.

I wish I had a better grasp of what was going on there. Oh, well ...

*many happy Sunday smooches*

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  1. I wish you had a better grasp of what is going on there too. I won't like him if he doesn't adore you enough!