Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cocktail Hour

In order to save money for my London Holiday in October, I have issued a moratorium on the purchase of new bottles of booze. Drink what you have is my new alcohol mantra. So far, I have worked my way through two bottles of vodka and the last of my gin ... which leaves me with a bottle of kahlua, two bottles of tequila, some blue curacao, two bottles of dry vermouth, a smidge of campari, and some of my homemade strawberry limoncello.

When I want a drink, trying to decide what to make with those ingredients is an interesting challenge.

Last night, I came up with this:

2 parts coffee (leftover from the morning)
1 part vanilla ice cream
1 part kahlua
1 part tequila (well, mezcal, actually)

Shake over ice. Strain into chilled martini glass.

It was surprisingly delicious.

Meanwhile ... I have also been successful with some of my other money-saving attempts:

I have 1) packed my lunch everyday except Fridays for the past 3 weeks [today, I'm having a pita stuffed with hummus, lettuce, and the last of the pesto pasta salad] and 2) I am cooking more meals at home! I have only eaten out on the weekends. YAY ME!

I would love to hear other people's money saving ideas, too!

Tonight is Project Runway! YAY! Unfortunately, I may not be able to watch it "live," because tonight is also Laundry Night. I need to confer with Mike to see what we can do. At least, if I can't make it over tonight, I'll be able to watch it on TiVo tomorrow night. It's not the same though.

And, lastly, I *finally* watched Transamerica the other night. I thought it was a good film. The son was hot. However, sometimes, I felt like Bree (Felicity Huffman) was portrayed more as a caricature [Wait! Wasn't that a Dorothy Michaels move?] than a real person. Did anyone else have that impression?


  1. Mate - you've got a money saving genius at your disposal here! I'm tighter than the proverbial ducks arse.

    First things first: work out what you spend most money on. Then tell me and I'll tell you how to save!

    If it's just some generic advice you're after, then it would be "Look after every penny, the dollars will look after themselves...."

  2. I think you're a genius.

    And home cooked food is inevitably lower in salt and fat and sugar than restaurant food, which is heart-healthy.

    That cocktail sounds fucking AMAZING, OMFG I want one. Or three. Now!