Friday, August 04, 2006

You Know You're Obsessed When ...

You dream you're a Project Runway 3 contestant.

And your design KICKS ASS!

Seriously, last night, I headed over to Mike's to watch the "Bye-bye Keith" episode [Note to Laura: You crack me up!]. He was supposed to drive me home afterwards; however, plans changed and I spent the night.

Yep. And dreamed about PR3. The design challenge was to make a dress using images and inspiration from nature. I ended up making a dress out of this brown vinyl material (that looked like a rock pathway) and a coat out of an astroturf-like material. Trust me. It rocked! It blew them all away! Seriously. I'm awesome.

So, Mike and I have this issue when we sleep together. Apparently, I burn with the heat of a thousand suns at night, and he doesn't like that. "Get away from me," he says, "You're hot."

"I know," I reply.
"Not in that way," he says.

It is so not fun to be sleeping with someone who doesn't like to touch you. This morning, in the car [he drove me to the metro station], I mentioned something about how I become extremely hot at night*.

"I know," he said.
"Wait. That's not what you're supposed to say. You're supposed to say something like 'No, No. It's really not that bad.' We need to work on this."
"What? On my lying?"
"GAH! No. Not 'lying' per se ... a more judicious application of your honesty."

Lessee ... in other good news, I got a free cinnamon roll at Starbucks this morning. She rang my order up [venti coffee and cinnamon roll], but for some reason I was only charged for the coffee. It was odd. I said, "That's not right," but the cashier looked through me to the next customer and said, "May I help you?"

Don't look a gift cinnamon roll in the mouth is the moral of that story.

ALSO, I'm leaving at 12:45 today! Yay! Half-day Friday! WOO HOO! I'm meeting Mike and Darryl for lunch at AU around 1:30. Maybe I'll swing by to see if any of my professors are around too ...

*Only in the Summer. I'm like an ice cube in the Winter.


  1. Haha! Obsessions are GOOD! So are free things. Lucky you.

  2. You know, they do make vinyl with that kind of print on it. It's for tiles and stuff, but that actually sounds like it would be a totally rockin' outfit to wear to the symphony. :D

  3. see? 12:45 for you is 10:45 for me. i wasn't even awake then :( then I have to get ready to go to class and by the time i get home you've been out having happy hour drinks for at least a 1/2 hour. *sigh*

    i'm glad your design won.

  4. I've never seen Project Runway.

    So M. won't cuddle with you at night 'cause you're too hot? :(