Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vomit Train to Nowhere (aka. Silver Spring)

A few years ago, Robert and I were on the metro returning from Tomoko's wedding party. We were quite drunk. As we sat chatting on the train, I pointed out a guy slumped in his seat across the aisle, about two rows behind us.

"He doesn't look too good," I said.

Robert agreed. The train arrived at Woodley Park Station. Robert disembarked. The doors chimed and closed. Immediately, the "doesn't look too good" guy vomited. Lots.

And it was rank.

The ride from Woodley Park Metro to the next station, Dupont Circle, is long, and, on this trip, it seemed even longer. When the train finally pulled into the station, the entire car EMPTIED, with everyone telling the passengers waiting to board, "Don't get on that car! DON'T!"

At the next station, Metro Center, the train stopped for a very long time. We waited and waited and waited. Finally, the doors chimed and closed with the conductor announcing,

"Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the delay. Someone threw up in one of the cars, and it had to be taken out of service."

Which brings me to Saturday night ...

Robert, Darryl, and I left Halo around midnight (I think). Robert walked to his bus stop, and Darryl walked me to the metro. When I got to the platform, I saw a train was arriving in a few minutes. SCORE! If you miss a late night train, the next one isn't for another 25-30 minutes.

The car was a mess. Newspapers scattered everywhere. Bits of popcorn all over. I found a relatively clean seat and settled in for the ride home. When the train pulled into Union Station, about 6 college-aged kids were waiting. 2 staggered on and immediately plopped into a seat. The other three girls were pulling on a guy who was slumped on the platform. "Come on. Come on," they said, eventually succeeding in yanking him up and onto the train.

*bing* went the doors as they closed.
*blurp* went a little vomit as it hit the newspapers under his feet.
"Here. I think you'll need this," said another passenger, passing one of the girls a plastic shopping bag.

*retch* went the very drunk boy into the bag.

Fortunately, either my nose has been desensitized or it wasn't overly smelly. The group got off at Brookland, with much yanking and pulling and falling over.

The rest of my ride home passed uneventfully.


  1. Good to see school is back in session.

  2. I'm glad I've been spared that Metro adventure so far...

  3. that's an everyday picture in Tokyo commuter trains a.k.a. V(omit)-train.