Friday, August 11, 2006

I Had a Dream

A wonderful dream.
OK. It wasn't actually "wonderful," more like "thought-provoking" or "slightly irritating."

The only part I remember is I was having a conversation with the Cheating Cheater and he said, "Do you think you made a mistake?" [referring to me breaking up with him, I suppose]

"Yes" was on the tip of my tongue, but, before I said it, I woke up and thought, "NO. It was you who made the mistake. Bastard." I fell back asleep quickly.

Mike and I went to see Pirates of the Carribbean (Carribean? Caribbean?) last night. It was good. Not so sure it was full-price $10 good though. I didn't like it as much as the first one. Mike said he liked it a little better. Eh ...

Then, we went to the store and back to his friend's condo (he's housesitting this week and next) for sandwiches and sleep.

This morning, I got to sleep in a bit because I didn't have to come to work until noon-ish. Mike dropped me off at Union Station on his way to work around 9. Very nice. I like these casual mornings. I made espresso/latte-like thing and cheesy toast for breakfast. After eating, I puttered around the house - ironing, cleaning a little, etc.

I'm meeting everyone for Happy Hour tonight after work. Yay. I'm still trying to convince Mike to join us. And that's pretty much it, for now.



  1. I've had wonderful/disturbing dreams the last two nights in a row, the kind that feel like they *mean something* (insert portentious music here). I wonder what's up...

  2. Caribbean :)

    I'm really sad at the fact that I dream less then when I was younger, I mean I'm 18, but my dreams are getting less and less in number. They are always pleasant though, and obviously processing the experiences of the day before. I like to dream, it is good.

  3. (And no I didn't look that up, sorry for correcting you anyway; but the [i] in Caribbean is a short [i], the letters following it have to be two consonants; check other short [i]'s: willing, going, winner. Most words with more than two parts (wil-ling) are bound to this rule.)

  4. I am glad that you had the thought-provoking dream. It sounds like you are putting the Cheating Cheater (who cheated often) behind you. Keep him in the trash bin.

  5. Cheesy toast? How does this work, this cheesy toast?