Monday, August 14, 2006

A Good Weekend Was Had By All ...

... or At Least By Me

Friday Happy Hour with Terry, Tomoko, and Robert was fun - margaritas at Cafe Citron, frozen cosmos at Food Bar, [Mike joined us for] dinner at Straits of Malaya (great food, indifferent service). I can't remember what we did afterwards though. Hm ... stupid margaritas and frozen cosmo-induced memory loss.

Saturday, I did lots of blobbing around the house. The weather was stunningly perfect. I went over to Christal's to check her mail and water her plants. Then, I went to Whole Foods. While there, I called Mike and we decided to have a picnic. Robert was too busy to join, but Tomoko said she could meet us. I whipped together a yummy [homemade!] pesto pasta salad and pita sandwiches (with hummus, tomato, black olives, basil, roasted red pepper, and feta). Mike brought drinks and dessert and a chihuahua, named Luna. We picked up Tomoko around 6:15 and drove into Rock Creek Park. Tomoko brought yummy chips. We ate, talked, and I taught them how to play a Davis Family Picnic Tradition: Death Croquet.

I haven't played Death Croquet in years, so it was great fun. Especially when MikeTomoko roquet'ed my ball into a big hole at the base of a tree (Thanks, MikeTomoko. bastard). It started to get a bit cold (and dark), so we packed up our bags and the dog and drove Tomoko home.

We then went to my place and watched Shopgirl, which was good, but not what I was expecting. You would think a movie written by and starring Steve Martin would be ... erm ... funny. It had some "chuckle moments" but was mostly serious. Mike seemed to like it more than I did. We had a little fun on the couch; however, the presence of a very needy chihuahua prevented more than a little fun from happening. gah. Stupid dog.

Sunday, I slept in a little later than usual (10!). Once up, I made coffee, knitted for a bit, and around noon finally decided to make breakfast. Mike called around 1ish and we decided to go to the National Arboretum. I'd never been before and it was quite fun. The bonsai garden was amazing, as was the herb garden. Mike says the water garden is cool, too, but we didn't make it there. Given my interest in plants, he was surprised that I had never been there. I blame laziness - no car and too unmotivated to figure out bus schedules.

After leaving the Arboretum, we went to visit Mike's friend. We watched Moulin Rouge and ate pizza. YUM. I was so craving pizza. Mike took me home around 9:30.

And, that was my weekend. Chock full of fun and excitement.

Don't forget: Today is Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment and enjoy a meat-free meal! *meat-free smooches* for those who do!


  1. i think i was the bastard who roquet'ed your ball into a hole. for Mike's honor.

  2. Oh, that's right! It was you! Grrr. I H8 U!

  3. Veggie Nuggets it will be for dinner. Mmmm - veggie nuggets.

  4. how come i wasn't invited?