Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Alive! It's Alive! Barely ...

A few hours, a couple of handfuls of soynuts, and lots and lots of water later and I'm feeling a little better. No longer queasy. Just headachy. I can deal with headachy.

My weekend was pretty good. Friday, after I left work at 12:45 (yay!), I metro'ed over to AU to have lunch with Mike and Darryl. That was fun. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with them. Then, Darryl and I went to happy hour. Mike was going to come over to my place later that evening to watch movies.

However, circumstances worked out differently. As I have discussed previously, sometimes Mike is a bit of a flake (due to his thinky nature). On Friday, he was supposed to walk his neighbor's dog, but couldn't find her security code. Much code-finding drama ensued. And, he couldn't come over. I was a little peeved - mainly because I left Darryl earlier than I would have and didn't make plans with Robert so I could get home and tidy up and stuff. Grr. I ended up reading a book all night.

Saturday, I slept in a bit. Had a leisurely breakfast. Then, I went over to Christal's to check on her place. I came home. Took a nap. Watched a movie. Walked to Whole Foods. Made a chickpea salad. Called Mike. Left a message.

He called back about an hour later, "Hey, are you home? I hope so, because I'm pulling into your parking lot now."

Yay! He came over. We had "fun." We ate chickpea salad and pita sandwiches (humus, black olives, tomatoes, cucumber, and basil). He got on this malt kick, so we drove up to Whole Foods to buy chocolate malt balls, vanilla ice cream, and soy milk. I made malts. They rocked! I am the Malt King.

Then, we watched Junebug, which I liked (it was set in a town near where I went to high school) but he didn't. After the movie, we just relaxed on the sofa together. I like it when he's in a cuddly mood. He left around midnight to go walk the dogs again. I went to bed. I like bed.

Sunday, I slept in again. Had a leisurely breakfast. Made a pasta salad. Around 3, I left to go to Tomoko's barbeque. That was fun. But I drank too many margaritas. I don't think I ate enough. And I'm really hungover. Yuck.

I'm not sure if I'm going to cook anything for Meat-free Monday tonight or not. It depends on how icky I feel. I may just do something frozen. Or maybe a veggie burger. BUT, *you* can still do your part to help the environment! Enjoy a meat-free meal today! *many meat-free smooches*


  1. so, would you recommend JUNEBUG... it seemed like a good movie to watch.

  2. Maybe he's not a flake because he's thinky. Maybe he's a flake because he's flaky?