Monday, August 28, 2006

The Fire Alarms. They Work Already.

I've been at work for about 20 minutes now.
"They" are testing the fire alarms. They go off for brief spurts of 15-20 seconds about every 5 minutes. I think my head may explode.

Anyway, I wrote a post yesterday at Christal's ... which was promptly eaten, and never published, by blogger. GAH! It's probably for the best, because -if I remember correctly- it started to skew "oh poor me and my life" towards the end. Ick.

Friday, I met Robert and Terry at Fab Lounge for Happy Hour. We had never been there before. It was a nice space (even if it was located above a seedy strip club). Unfortunately, even though it looked pretty, it was dead. DEAD. After a drink or two (ok. 3.), we headed down to Alero for a light nosh and margaritas. Then, we dropped Terry off at the metro and waited to meet Darryl and Mike [They were at another happy hour across town]. Mike was a little tipsy. He's so cute (ok. cuter.) when he's a little tipsy.

We then went to Omega, John's favorite bar. He said it was his favorite because the guys were more "regular," not your airbrushed twink or your supergymbodies ... just "guys." Whatever that means. Secretly, I think it was his favorite bar because of the upstairs porn room [all porn! all the time!]. I had one very strong drink and staggered home around midnight.

Saturday, I was WAY OVERHUNG. Yet, I managed to get to my 10:30 hair appointment on time and mostly awake. I left looking supercute with a too trendy for me, I think, "fauxhawk." The one thing I hate about getting my hair done is knowing that it will never look that good again ... at least not until my next hair appointment (September 30th).

I went home and crashed. completely. I woke up at 4:30 and remembered, "shit! I have to meet Steveandbobby and Robert at 7." Much rushing around and getting ready ensued.

We went to see Little Miss Sunshine, which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. I still get the giggles when I think about the dance number at the end. After the movie, we went for a very late dinner at Luna Cafe [avocado and tomato sandwich. yum]. Then, we went to Halo for a couple of drinks. Darryl met us there. Mike didn't want to go out. I didn't stay out too late either, for I was still tired from the Friday night drinking craziness.

Sunday, I slept in (10:30! Yay!). Around 11:30, I headed over to Christal's to check her mail, water her plants, and take a few photos of her condo, which she will be renting soon. Take a peak at the pics over on my flickr account [I also uploaded two cute pics of Mike].

I did nothing for the rest of the day except eat, watch DVDs, and knit. I made a yummy Chinese egg and tomato soup for dinner. So easy. So good. I'm having the rest of it for lunch.

Don't forget today is Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment and enjoy a meat-free meal today! I'll be having pasta tonight, I think. With mushrooms and squash. Mmm. Squash. *meat-free smooches* to all who eat meat-free today!


  1. little miss sunshine... good, excellent. it's even better when the person you're supposed to meet doesn't turn up, so you end up watching it alone. i'm not bitter.

  2. Sounds as though your people are scared of an Office Space-esque attack. Office space is a great movie. It..It...It's my stapler...