Friday, August 04, 2006

A Posting of an IM Conversation: Has It Come to This?

Earlier this morning ...

Diablo: i thought you were thinkerly
VUBOQ: no. i'm pretty.
Diablo: stop confusing me
Diablo: i'm pretty.
VUBOQ: mike. thinky. me. pretty.
Diablo: you have inner beauty
Diablo: way deep
VUBOQ: i do not! stop being so mean!
Diablo: haha
Diablo: true you have no inner beauty
Diablo: im sorry
VUBOQ: thank you.
VUBOQ: so mike sends me this email yesterday and I think, "What have I done wrong to give him this impression..."
Diablo: impression of what?
VUBOQ: Quoth the email: you're very kind to me but more importantly, you're just a kind person all around.
Diablo: GASP
Diablo: is he on drugs
VUBOQ: possibly
Diablo: i knew he was off
Diablo: WAY OFF
Diablo: now we have confirmation
VUBOQ: yep
Diablo: he's perfect for you, clutch onto him, don't let go
VUBOQ: haha
VUBOQ: yes. apparently he is easily misled.
Diablo: there's a drug you can use to keep him unaware
Diablo: i'll share some with you
VUBOQ: woo hoo!

Addended to note: I have a small stain on my t-shirt. GAH!


  1. Roofies will only make your love stronger. :D

  2. Mike must be delusional. Did you trap his Chi in the Yin-Yang world?

  3. That is one extraordinarily gay IM convo! And PS, you're a little thinky, but I won't tell anyone. ;-)