Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Because You Asked

Tomoko asked to see the very cute (and over-priced) t-shirt I bought to wear to Darryl's party, so here it is:


I really like it and look forward to wearing it out at some point in the future.

Lessee... no Meat-free Monday picture today because I ended up going to Target after work with Mike and then we ate out at El Golfo ... spinach enchiladas. yum. I like going to Target with Mike. He makes my impulse buying look like nothing. NOTHING! I won't mention how much he spent (on a trip where he wasn't really looking for anything in particular), but it was 4 times what I spent! HAH!

I finished my job application this morning (yay!) and will mail it during my 10:30 break this morning. Wish me luck! And, if you'd like to read my incredibly boring repsonses to the KSAs, let me know and I'll post them.

more later.



  1. Yay to finishing your job application!

    Good luck.

    And no, I'll pass on reading your incredibly boring repsonses (sp) to the KSAs.

    *happy job hunting smooch*

  2. Well, I kindah like the T-shirt...

  3. tomokito12:34 PM

    cute! cute! BTW, i always mistype this "verification" words.....ugh.