Monday, August 21, 2006

Why, Yes, I Do Know Where the Closest Likker Store Is From Here!

I was at the Safeway picking up some items for a certain special someone. While standing at the cash register, I caught the last bit of a conversation between the cashier and the previous customer:

Cashier: I don't know. I'm only 17.
Customer: Oh, that's OK. Maybe I'll find one.
Me: What are you looking for?
Customer: The closest liquor store.
Me: HA! Have you asked the right person or what?

Not that I frequently frequent the likker store, BUT it *is* right beside my office building. So, I give her very detailed directions. I'm like that. Detail-oriented.

VUBOQ, the Good Samaritan!

In other news, I may have to write a bitchy note to Burt's Bees soon. I sent them a comment/inquiry on August 11th, and they still have not sent a reply. Very bad customer service. VUBOQ not happy.

And, I figure, while I'm in the writing bitchy notes to companies groove, I might as well send a brief missive to the Silver Spring Downtown Shuttle service asking them to provide proper training to their bus drivers. Apparently, they skipped the "Yield to Pedestrians" lesson. Luckily, I wasn't the one who nearly got flattened by the bus. Two middle school aged boys were crossing with the light, but the bus failed to yield. Not good. VUBOQ not happy.

Update: Here is the comment I sent to the bus people ...

To Whom It May Concern:

At approximately 3:45 this afternoon (August 21st), I witnessed an incident of which I believe you should be made aware.

Two teenage boys were nearly struck by a Van Go Shuttle making a right turn from Fenton Street onto Wayne Avenue. The boys were crossing Wayne Avenue with the light; however, the bus failed to yield. Had the boys not been paying attention to oncoming traffic, they very well could have been hit.

Perhaps it would be in your best interests to teach your bus and shuttle drivers that pedestrians have the right of way when crossing the street.



  1. Van Go. haha. ha.

  2. Van Go should have Van Stopped.

    har-har-har... not funny.

    I've nuthing.

  3. Having lived in California, then the D.C. area, and back again, I was oh so pleased to see hard liquor in the grocery stores here again. It's like, hmm, what did I need: a loaf of bread, a container of milk, a stick of butter, and oh yes, a bottle of vodka!

    Amen on your letter. Pedestrian rights!