Tuesday, September 04, 2007

VUBOQ Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I'm working on yet another Goal for September: Start running!
New shoes! *woot*
Who wants to get up at 6 tomorrow morning for a quick jog? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. New shoes are the best part of a new fitness regime. ;)

  2. You do realize if you start running you will have to increase your carb intake. Someone as tiny as you are could really do a number on themselves physically with too much extra cardio. I have to limit myself.


  3. Oh, another reason Bossy wishes you lived near her. Except Bossy doesn't like to talk while she jogs. OK, Bossy *can't* talk while she jogs. gasp sputter.

  4. I don't do anything at six in the morning. I would have gone shopping for shoes with you, though. My old pair need replacing.