Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Got Nuthin'

Yet, I'm still typing up an entry. Which is either pathetic or admirable ... I can't decide, but am leaning towards pathetic.

Here are a few things that have been on my mind this morning:

Gay marriage (Thanks for the beat-down Maryland Court of Appeals)
Chrysanthemums (I took a few photos this morning)
Talk Like a Pirate Day (Arrrrrrr)
Infused olive oil
Job hunting
Everything but the kitchen sink

More later ... hopefully.


  1. Job Hunting. You would have to go and ruin Bossy's perfectly unambitious morning...

  2. bossy: I didn't say I was doing it, just that it's been on my mind ... like "gee, I should do some job hunting, but, gosh, Spider Solitaire is so much more fulfilling."

  3. I say admirable. I am not even sure I will be able to come up with my magic "9" this month.

  4. Oh, it's talk like a pirate day? Who knew. I'm so out of the loop. My thoughts include the kitchen sink this morning.

  5. gayprof: What will happen if you don't reach the "9"?!?! Calamity! Disaster! Good God man, WRITE! *smooch*

    cooper: I didn't know about Pirate Day until I read about it on Marve's blog this morning. And, I sort of exaggerated regarding the kitchen sink. I have been also thinking about it(and the amount of water dripping out of the pipe).

  6. Arrr, landlubbers! How could word have not reached ye about the wonders of Talk Like A Pirate Day?

  7. I've decided I'm against marriage. Even gay marriage. Marriage is stupid.

    Of course, teh gayz should have legal marriage so they can have their own messy divorces. It's not like I don't want y'all to have the right to be miserable or nothin'.

    I know some happily married couples, of course. Like, three of them. *rollseyes*