Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being

--Genesis 2:7 (NIV) [as if you didn't know]

I left work a little early so I wouldn't be late for my pottery class at the University of Maryland. I arrived just on time. I would have been early, except I spent a good 15 minutes wandering through the basement bowels of the STAMP Student Union searching for the classroom.

There are 7 of us in the class. Excluding myself and the instructor, I believe the average age would be ... erm ... 12. Ha! I kid. It is actually about 18. It's me and a bunch of BABIES! Oh, my GAWD, I felt so old listening to them babble. I figure, though, once we start on the wheel, I will enter my zone and the babbling will be like the waters of a cold mountain stream.

Anyway, yesterday, all we did was wedging (y'know, smooshing the clay to get all the air bubbles out). The instructor taught the "ram's head" method ... which is not the one I know. I was reminded that, since I learned pottery in Japan (and in Japanese), I do not have the correct pottery vocabulary. I told the instructor that I learned a different wedging method, called "chrysanthemum." She had no idea what that was. So I demonstrated. In English, it is called "spiral wedging." Ah.

The instructor then used the rest of the class to demonstrate centering and cylinder making. Next week, we will start using the wheel. Yay. I'm ready to make me some cylinders.

Apparently, as class participants, we also have access to the studio at any time during the Center's operating hours (except when another class is in session). This is very cool, since I will be missing at least one class because of my yet-to-be-determined vacation plans.

After class, I called Y. He was in his office on campus, so we met up and walked back to his place. We had a quick easy dinner of party leftovers. Then, we retired to the bedroom. He said he wanted to take a short nap of 30-40 minutes, and afterwards we would watch a movie. I knitted. After 45 mintues, I went to wake him up and he brushed me off.

So, I let him sleep. I knitted more.

At 10:30ish, I joined him in bed.

I woke up this morning, feeling like a visitor, like I was unwanted and in the way. I left as quietly as I could. And we'll see where this goes.


  1. Maybe Y was just tired.

    It's great that you are already getting to use the wheel by next week. It's very unlike the ceramics glass I took in junior high where we spent the first half learning about "safety" and never touching actual artistic materials (nor did we ever get to use the wheel).

  2. Would that you could be like god and create the "perfect" man out of dust or clay. Oh well, a cylinder is good, too.

    Wedging meant something different when I was in highschool.

    Tell Y how you felt this morning.


  3. yes, maybe he was just tired and felt so at home with you that he felt it's alright to brush you off and go back to sleep :)

  4. Hmmm. Could be the tired thing. Could be the feeling-so-comfortable-around-you thing. Could be he's not being entirely honest... nothing too sinister, but maybe he has a hard time telling you it's not the best night to get together.

    In any case Bossy is glad you are taking Pottery. Perhaps one day you will need to fabricate a Dear John letter for Y - out of clay.

  5. "Chrysanthemum" is much more poetic than "spiral wedging."

    Tell Y to stop being a such a cranky bitch lest he wants to lose himself one cute Vuboq. Seriously. So many relationships could be saved if only there were better manners.

  6. Pottery class sounds like heaps of fun.

    As far as Y, maybe he's tired and/or distracted with school/obligations.


  7. Big hug. Maybe Y was so tired that he won't even remember what happened because he was half asleep and will be very apologetic in many romantic and sexy ways?

    (By the way, "spiral wedging" sounds downright obscene. Is that, perhaps, in the bible?)

  8. Damn, that feeling sucks. He'll certainly have a good excuse (because who would ever deliberately displease the Vuboq?), but be sure he makes it up to you in a sufficiently sufficient manner. ;)

    Hope your day gets better.

    (p.s. my "word verification" thing was "cqkblo." Heh.)