Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few Thoughts

1. Arriving over an hour late for a dinner party in which you volunteered to bring the appetizers is not cool and does not endear me to you.

2. Low Blood Sugar VUBOQ = Cranky VUBOQ

3. New Rosh Hashanah food tradition: Apples soaked in honey ... and VODKA! For four days! Then frozen! YUM! [Credit the Supercute Y for this one. Although, VUBOQ would like to think that his summer-long vodka infusion experiments were somewhat of an inspiration.]

4. Sometimes very smart people say very stupid things.

5. If the Supercute Y thinks that Cranky Low Blood Sugar Annoyed at Smart People Saying Stupid Things VUBOQ did not have a good time at a dinner party [even if VUBOQ *did* have a good time ... once his blood sugar level returned to normal], there will be amazingly hot secks when they return home.


PS. OMG. I'm only on Chapter 12 of the Training Manual. AUGH! Need. Motivation.


  1. How would you serve a frozen vodka and honey infused apple? It sounds delicious in any case.


    amazingly hot secks... what's that like?

  2. Yes, tell us more about this honey and vodka soaking process. Peeled? Sliced? Details, please.

  3. teh persian: we just ate them straight. they would be a yummy garnish for an apple martini.

    e.c.: he used ginger gold apples (which are pretty firm, right?). I think granny smith would be good too. then sliced them into thin wedges. removed the core. and poured vodka over them. after soaking for a few days, he drained the vodka, replaced it with honey and stuck the bad boys in the freezer.

    at least i think that's what he did. i'll verify the process for you later. *smooches*