Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food and Booze

Dinner tonight (assuming I can motivate to cook):

Yellow tomato, green pepper, red onion, and mushroom pasta with basil from the front garden.
Possibly some sort of spinach salad, but probably not. I'm feeling lazy.

I bought the mushrooms from Whole Foods during my lunchbreak. I also restocked my garlic-stuffed olive supply. The yellow tomato and green pepper were purchased over the weekend, with the grand plan to make a fun tomato cucumber salad. Then, it turned kinda chilly and all desire to eat a cold, Summery salad flew out my open apartment windows.

On the way back to work, I answered the Siren call of the likker store. Oh, how we love the likker store. So many pretty bottles. So many orange SALE signs. I ended up buying a bottle of wine (Australian Shiraz, too lazy to reach in the bag to look at the label) and a fifth of bourbon (1792 Ridgemont Reserve)!

It's practically Autumn! Bourbon season! The time for Manhattans! And bourbon, neat, by the fire (if I had a fireplace)!

My other Autumnal beverage of choice is a negroni. Mmmm ... gin. campari. sweet vermouth. a match made in Heaven.



  1. Found you via Bossy and I already like you because anyone who is tres fond of garlic stuffed olives is good in my book!

  2. I love alcoholics. Mix me something 'cause I'm on my way over!