Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tasty Tidbits for Your Lunch Break

1. I bought 3 CDs this morning (but only one of the ones I mentioned in this post). I liked these better:

Music from the Chocolate Lands
Brazilian Groove

My current thinking is to keep "Cuba" for myself.

2. I want to make vegetarian tacos for dinner tonight.

3. I am thinking about applying for a very cool-sounding [and well-paying!] job in ... SEATTLE! Which raises a whole bunch of issues. Sure, "applying" doesn't mean "being hired." But, ACK!

4. Can anyone name the movie from which the title of the previous post came?


  1. Wasn't that from To Wong Foo, Thanks for the Memories, Julie Newmar?

  2. gayprof: *ding ding ding ding ding* You are correct, sir! [Except it's actually "Everything" instead of "the Memories"]

  3. Seattle, eh? You'd practically be a neighbour!

  4. Seattle is wonderful! We actually get less rain than a lot of other places in the good ol' USA. Plus, you don't sweat profusely in the summer time!

  5. Would you sublet your condo?