Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time Warp

Can someone explain how one can get up about 45 minutes early and, yet, almost be late for work? Hm?

I was up at 6AM this morning to go running. I took a picture on my cell phone, but decided against posting it.

VUBOQ at 6AM is not pretty. And VUBOQ does not want to break the innarnexts. That would be bad.

Luckily, one of my neighbors was also going running at that time, so, if no one believes that I was actually up that early, I can get a signed sworn affidavit from her. So there. HA!

I ran/walked for about 30 minutes or so, came home, checked email, took a shower, had coffee and a scone, then ... um ... crawled back into bed for a cuddle with Y. Ah. *cuddles*

It's amazing what getting a good night's sleep will do, because, when I got up again (at 7:30) to get dressed for work, someone was feeling a leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle frisky.

Which probably explains why I was running late for work. But I think a good morning fork [and it was good ;-)] is well worth the bus fare and last minute rushing around.

So at 8:07, I'm flying around the apartment trying to get my shit together. And *ACK!* there's the bus! I managed to make it. Yay! And get here at 8:28! *woot*


Of course, all the yummy delicious good feelings evaporated as soon as I sat down and tried to enroll in my company's new health care plans (better! more expensive! bastards!). I named my brother the beneficiary of my life insurance plan (don't tell him). I may change that later to something like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation [two of my cousins died from CF complications]. I opted out of the Vision Care Plan, because my next eye appointment isn't until next Summer. I should (*fingers crossed*) be in a new, better job by then.

Or woefully unemployed. Either way, I won't need the eye insurance.

And, I think that's enough verbal vomit for one morning. More later, perhaps. *smooch*


  1. I forgot what it's like to have someone to wake up next to.


  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    *Points to the persian's comment*

    Yeah. What's worse is if you have someone and can't wake up next to them...

  3. I'm glad you're getting laid again. I also hope you get a new job, very much.

  4. Can someone explain how one can get up about 45 minutes early and, yet, almost be late for work?

    I think you answered your own question...