Monday, September 24, 2007

Mindless Distractions

Yesterday ... or was it the day before? It all becomes muddled in the Bourbon Fog ..., I received a coupon from Borders: 3 CDs for $11.99 each. Pretty good deal, I guess.

I need to buy a belated birthday present and a belated housewarming present (for people I know, but not very well). I was thinking CDs would make a nice gift. Both acquaintances are world travellers, so I thought something from the Putamayo collection ...

I've narrowed it down to 4 CDs (OK, one of them is for me. Can you guess which one?):

And, if you were to receive one of these CDs as a present, which do you think you would like ... or more importantly, which of the four above is the least appealing.

Finally, take a look at this website, Blogger Play, which shows uploaded photos to blogger pages. It's a little mesmerizing.


  1. Well look who's been the busiest Poster eh-ver. It took Bossy a million minutes to get caught up in the Y saga. If you recovered more quickly than you thought, chances are something wasn't right.

    You'll feel sad again, but try to remember your quick rebound.

    Now - it also took Bossy a million minutes to listen to all of your CD choices and she has this to say: they are all great and you can't go wrong but *maybe* Mexico is a little on the hokey side? Like the music played in Disney World's Mexican Log flume ride?

    Anyway, let Bossy know where to send her address so you can mail her this music present. Ha ha.

  2. #3 would be my last choice, and I'm guessing you'd buy the Coffee one for yourself.