Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Breaking News

~My co-worker has a boyfriend. I guess this means she isn't in a lesbian relationship with her "friend," the super-butch tennis instructor.

~I am having a Baja Fresh veggie burrito, enchilado style for lunch. I figure my insides are already feeling kinda mushy. I might as well help them along. Or was that TMI?

~I forgot to get quarters at the bank.

~I probably won't have anything for dinner tonight other than vodka and cheese. Is that so wrong?

~OK. I might have some olives.

~And two-bite cupcakes.

~And more vodka.


  1. Vodka and cheese are (is? i hate english) more than enough.

  2. She has a boyfriend?!?! Wow... I wonder if her "friend" knows this!! Haa!! Now what are we going to gossip about?!?

  3. Yes, that was TMI. I LIVE FOR TMI!

  4. Cheese, olives and bread.. that's what I always have for dinner when I'm alone. It's a good meal.

  5. Bossy thinks with a little Vodka and Cheese you could be the next Food Network Star.