Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chapter 11

My brain is bankrupt!

I'm on Chapter 11 of the stupid training manual. One of the weird things that happened in the conversion process from WordPerfect to MS Word (and, believe you me, we wouldn't have converted, except our clients switched programs) is that the letters i, f, and y, when they appear in that order, have been replaced by "@." Thus, "notify" is now "not@."

That took me awhile to figure out.


Meanwhile, I have this vague memory of hearing an NPR story this morning on the new hugely destructive bomb the Russians tested recently. I can't find a copy of the story, but I remember the reporter saying something along the lines of "it's [4?] times as powerful as a nuclear bomb, without the environmental destruction [damage?]."

All I remember thinking was "um. yeah. besides the BLAST area being totally destroyed." I guess that doesn't count as environmental damage.


  1. You need an extra large double-double coffee and something chocolate.

    Happy Rosh Hashanna to you and Y. Is it a gift giving occasion?

    "without the environmental destruction"... ??!! Would that be a bomb lite?

  2. Ify = @, huh? Weird.

  3. Last night's "the Daily Show" made a comment about "the father of all bombs" the Russians tested being environmentally safe(?).

  4. Correction: "the bomb doesn't hurt the environment."