Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Book of Job

As I was walking to work this morning, fighting off the panic attack of "OMG! My contract ends in March! And I Really Shouldn't Have Listened to that NPR Story about Foreclosed Homes! And GAH! I Could Be Out of Work in 6 Months! But, I Still Want to Buy that Super Cute Pair of Shoes I Saw in DSW!," I began thinking of jobs I would like to do ... or at least skill sets I possess that I could apply to a new job.

This is what I came up with during the 15 minute walk:

-teaching ... not necessarily in a classroom setting (and, god forbid, never again in a public school)
-explaining complex ideas in an understandable way
-coming up with creative learning tools
-writing [I think I'm purty good at it]
-thorough understanding of international and domestic environmental issues
-know the Toxic Substances Control Act like the back of my hand (which is *so* very very sad)

Now, the questions are how to best package this and what kind of jobs I should look for. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

Completely unrelated update, but have I mentioned recently how much I *heart* Madeleine Albright?


  1. It sounds like a professor job.

  2. I bleev you're what's known as a contractor.

    I have no idea what sort of company would want you, but I'm certain there are companies out there who are desperately searching for you right this minute. All you gotta do is find 'em.

  3. Laugh. Do you want my job? (Just kidding... I'm keeping it for now.)
    I'm a software trainer who has to know the Acid Rain Program/ NOx Budget program/ 40 CFR part 60 like the back of her hand... and be able to use computers.
    There are jobs for eco nuts who can teach.... You just gotta look...
    btw. found you through Chelsea's blog.