Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doing the Dishes: A Photo Essay

This is a picture of the dishes in my sink. UGH. I hate doing the dishes. They just keep getting dirty. Wash. Dry. Use. Wash. Dry. Use. It's a horrible never-ending cycle und I hates it.

Step One: Make room for most important Dish Washing Tool. Can you spot it?

(mmm. marteeeeeeeeeneeeeeeeeeee....)

Step Two: Start to wash dishes, but, then, think "Hm. I should put all this food waste into the "compost cup." Then, remember the "compost cup" is full. Prepare to take the "compost cup" out to the compost bin.

Step Three: Notice that I'm not wearing pants. Stop to take photo:

*sound of camera shutting down*

Yep. The camera batteries, even though they were charged this morning, died.

So, these are the photos YOU missed:

~Pantsless VUBOQ
~Mr. VUBOQ's Neighborhood's Compost Bin (possibly a good thing there are no photos of this)
~VUBOQ watering his plants with the water used to clean out the "compost cup"
~VUBOQ washing the rest of the dishes
~VUBOQ emptying all the water out of the pan that catches all of the water that drips out of the pipe under the sink.

But, on the bright side, the dishes are done! (mostly. FINE! I still have one more pan to do, but it's soaking. Really. And I'm going to use it later. GAH!)

VUBOQ hates doing dishes.

As an apology not being able to take the above photos, here are two lovely photos of VUBOQ's mums und chili peppers:


  1. Washing the dishes without your pants? Will you come to may house and do that?

    (I'll supply the martini.)

  2. I think Paul's given you quite the offer, there!

  3. I love teh autumn colors.

  4. Sorry, you can't make it up to me with a few pictures of the garden. I will sulk the rest of the night thinking about the picture of you without your pants.

    Effing Energizer bunny! Damn your pink soul! Damn you, I say!