Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goals for September Revisited

The month is more than half over (and, OMFGWTFBBQPONIES!!!!11eleven, the Autumnal Equinox is this week!), so here's an update on my Goals for September:

1. Start running [on a regular basis. in the morning. this will be difficult. I also need to buy new running shoes, so this isn't going to start until the new September budget goes into effect.] Accomplished, kittens! I've been running 3 times a week this month! Yay me! In fact, I'm going running this evening after work. Yay me (again)!

2. Job Hunting [polish up the resume. devote a certain amount of time per evening to perusing job openings.]. LIKE, OMG, I have hardly done anything on this. Must. motivate.

3. Plant flowers [possibly chrysanthemums in the part of my yard I now refer to as The Chili Plant Graveyard.] Flowers! I rock! Photographic evidence to be posted at some point.

4. Writing [complete at least 2 new short stories (rough drafts).]. Hm. I've written a paragraph. Does that count? Can taking a pottery class substitute as my creative outlet?

5. Finish the spare bedroom cum office [*heh* "cum" ... this includes painting (hopefully over Labor Day Weekend) and buying some new furniture (desk and futon mattress).]. Like, OMG, I haven't even thought about this (other than to pick the paint color).

To these wonderful (and partially accomplished) goals, I am now adding:

6. Plan my forking End of October vacation!


  1. I think pottery with a paragraph counts. Pottery on its own - questionable. But the paragraph cinches it.

  2. exercising. having/ making babies. what's next? you are settling down. wow.

  3. Since you can cross "running" off your list, you're done. You don't need to do anything else. You're too awesome to do anything else. YOU STARTED RUNNING. AT THE ASS CRACK OF DAWN. YOU LEFT A BED WITH A WARM BODY IN IT TO GO RUNNING. Hell with the rest of the list: you're THE MAN.