Friday, September 14, 2007

Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

Last night, I knitted. I ate. I drank. I chatted. And I watched Good Night and Good Luck. My life. It is filled with the fun and excitement.

This morning, I couldn't motivate myself to go running. It's so much easier when Y stays over, because I don't like to hit snooze 47 times for fear of disturbing him. When the alarm goes off, I get up, turn it off, and go running. This morning, I hit snooze 47 times.

At least I have some fun things planned for this weekend ... tonight, I am going to a birthday happy hour. Then, I am meeting a friend for dinner [Y may join for that, not sure though].

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment. Cut only. No color this time. Then, I am having a few friends over for cocktails in the early evening, followed by dinner in hip and happening downtown Silver Spring ... maybe Mandalay (yummy Burmese food). After dinner, we might head back to my place to watch DVDs ... or we could go out somewhere.

No plans yet for Sunday.
More later, kittens.


  1. Bossy is not into the Snooze alarm. It only makes you feel crappy and puts you precious minutes behind.

  2. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I am so envious of you! Mandalay's food is to die for, and that cavernous room they have for making their customers comfortable whilst the table is being prepared is a genius move. Much better than trying to cram everyone onto a couple of chairs near the door or making them wait in the bar. Have a great time.