Thursday, September 27, 2007


Free overnight shipping.
The night is over.
Where are my boots? WHERE?
Help me, David Hasselhoff! HELP!

(more later, kittens)


  1. You should have received shipping confirmation e-mail with UPS tracking number. I ordered booties yesterday and just checked the tracking record....they are on their way to my door....

  2. tomokito: I left the tracking number at home ... but maybe I can log into Zappos to find out. Thx.

  3. If you're relying on David Hasselhof that could be the problem. His Knight Rider persona is in heaven's own junkyard.

  4. I can't stop giggling at this silly post. I don't know whether that reflects worse on your character or my own. I'm sure the wait will soon be Hoffer. (See what I done there? Hoffer? Like over? Kinda. Oh shut up)