Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Update: Blood and Chocolate Edition

My fun-filled and exciting weekend began on Friday night, which I spent at home, alone, drinking and proof-reading Y's paper. Fun times. *woot* [I also had nice chat with a few friends, so that -and the booze- made it bearable.]

Saturday, I had a nice lie-in, made coffee, ate brownies, and the headed over to Y's. We drove to Costco to buy supplies for his party. And, as God as My Witness, I will never go to Costco again! GAH! So. Many. People. Who were completely clueless and unaware and should not have been allowed behind those GIGANTIC shopping carts. ACK. I was totally stressed out by the time we left.

We drove to Shoppers to get a few things he didn't need in bulk. And, it was at Shoppers where we learned something important about our relationship: VUBOQ gets all stressed out in crowds of STUPID PEOPLE (and, thus, needs someone to help him remain calm and to remind him he is getting uber cranky). Y, on the other hand, gets all stressed out by computers, like Shoppers' Self Checkout System, that don't work as they should (and, thus, needs someone to help him remain calm and to remind him he is getting uber cranky and to push him out of the way for Chrissakes so we can get out of the forkin' store).

We also stopped at MOM [My Organic Market] to pick up yummy fresh produce. I liked MOM. It was calm. It was happy. It was not filled with STUPID PEOPLE. And there were no computer interfaces to deal with. YAY. A pleasant experience for us both. *sigh* The likker store was also fun. Likker stores are always fun ... because they sell likker. duh.

Once we got back to the apartment (around 3), we worked non-stop getting the food ready and cleaning [OK, we did stop once for some v. hot buttsecks. YAY]. As I was making the salsa fresca [which I had never made before and was sort of making it up as I went], the knife slipped, and I sliced off a piece of the tip of my thumb. There was blood! EVERYWHERE! *ow*

We managed to get everything ready by 8. The first guests arrived around 8:30. A fun time was had by all. Or at least, I'm assuming so. I had a good time. Y had a good time. The guests left around 12:30(?). We cleaned, and then blobbed on the sofa, until about 1:30. And then went to bed. At the same time. I can't remember the last time we went to bed at the same time. It was lovely.

Sunday, we got up around 10:30 or so, messed around for a bit, and ate party leftovers for breakfast. Y wanted to get some cleaning and organizing done, so I headed home around 2. I spent the rest of Sunday on my sofa. I *heart* my sofa.

And, that's about it. I got up this morning at 6 for a 30-minute jog in the park. It was nice, but where are all the HOT MENS I saw when I went running last week? When I got home, I had to organize and pack an overnight bag. My first pottery class is tonight at the University of Maryland. I'll be heading to Y's after class lets out.


  1. I always feel that a little blood makes salsa more zesty.

  2. At least salsa would disguise blood nicely. I hope Y kissed the boo-boo and that your sore thumb doesn't impede your pottery debut.

  3. I lurve Costco, I could spend days in there...

    Sorry to hear about your thumb, hopefully there won't be a real bad scar.


  4. I'm a big fan of the computer interfaced checkouts in stores. And at the library. If I never had to small-talk with another person I don't know, I'd be so happy. I can't wait until the computers take over, and there's nobody left but me and them. (I don't know why the computers would allow me to live when they kill everyone else, but that's the way it is in my fantasy, so go figure.)