Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Babbling Like a Brook

Morning, Rays of Sunshine!
Everyone so happy to be back at work? *woot*
I know I am!!

*keels over*

I blogged over the weekend ... so not much to add. I may think of some stuff later.

Y's deadline is today. He's meeting with his advisor this afternoon. Cross your fingers that it goes well. And cross your fingers that VUBOQ will finally get some red hot luvin'. I can only be so patient.

I think I'm going to go buy some new running shoes today. As you know, one of my Goals for September is to start running again. *geh*

One goal has already been met! *woot* I planted 5 chrysanthemums over the weekend, three golden/bronze and 2 maroon. Only later did I realize that there's a little Gryffindor theme going on [Or Elon. Go Phighting Phoenixes!] ... I should take a photo. Maybe once they are all in full bloom. The Chili Pepper Plant Graveyard will soon look bright and cheery.

If you've read the His Dark Materials trilogy, you'll know all about daemons. You can help choose mine by clicking the image in my previous entry and answering a few questions. Isn't that fun? I think it settles in about a week.


  1. I have no knowledge of His Dark Materials.

    Welcome back to work!

  2. ... and we all know a graveyard should look bright and cheery!

    Would you knit me a Gryffindor scarf?

  3. make sure you get a very good pair of the shoes for running. Shoes are very important for your comfort. Yeah, I had a hard lesson about that. Happy running!

  4. Those are also Florida State colors. My grandparents live in Tallahassee, so I was dragged to football games many times as a youngster. (I only watched the cheerleaders and band.)

  5. Anonymous2:27 AM

    His Dark Materials!!!

    So Excited!!!

    Too Many "!!!"'s!!!

    *universe implodes*