Friday, September 07, 2007

Is It Forkin' Martini Hour Yet?

Or even better Martinis Hours?

After sending an email and making countless [unanswered] phone calls, I *finally* got in contact with someone at the Pottery Class Place. They had no record of my registration, but they've put me in the last available spot for Introduction to Wheel Throwing ... which I'm sure is much better than Introduction to Cow Pie Tossing. Since I forwarded them my confirmation email, I won't be double charged.

Anyway, I hope that my friend also got into a class. This was a *very* frustrating experience. I hope the course is fun. And it is full of cute menz. I should have asked.

Nothing else has happened all day, except for me getting crankier and crankier. I am very looking forward to Go Home Time ... and the Making of the Martini ... and the straining of the Chili-Pepper Infused Vodka ... and the Goofing Off in Front of the TV ... and, hopefully, the Hot Buttsecks with the Y.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy the cocktail.

    I was also going to make a joke about "tail" and "cock," but decided not to do so.