Friday, September 07, 2007

Blame It on the GayProf

Updated with the ANSWERS ...

Yeah. So, GayProf did this little contesty meme thing about song lyrics. Since I participated in his, I feel obligated to do my own. Here are his rules:

Here are the [adapted] rules for the meme:
1) Put your mp3 player or music player on your computer on random.
2)Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (Skip repeat artists).
3) Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

Leave your guesses in the comments.

Some of mine are going to be very hard. Try not to cheat by googling the lyrics. You have all weekend. Good luck. *smooch*

[oh, and some songs I couldn't find the lyrics, so I skipped them. whatever.]

1. Nothing's gonna stop me
Only you can stop me
Yonaka no san-ji a.m.
Makura moto no PHS
Naru no matte 'ru
Baka-mitai ja nai
--Movin' on without You, Utada Hikaru

2. A la luna de Valencia,
me robaste el corazon.
Lo tiraste contra la
Albuferay en anguila se torno
--A Luna de Valencia, Mario Frangoulis

3. My old flame
I can't even think of his name
But it's funny now and then
How my thoughts go
--My Old Flame, Billie Holiday

4. Everybody needs a little tenderness
Everybody needs a release
From the cell they lock themselves in
Love’s the only peace
--Love One Another, Cher

5. Küstürdün, canımdan bezdim
Insafa gel yeter!
Ya beni de al oralara,
Ya da kalbimi bana geri ver.
--Sen Baskasin, Tarkan

6. Habibi ya noor el `ain
ya saken khayali
`ashek bakali snin
wala gherak bi bali
--Habibi de Mis Amores, Alabina

7. It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It
You Start To Freeze As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

"Thriller," by Michael Jackson [Yay, Chelsea!]

8. South of the border, down Mexico way,
That's where I fell in love
When the stars above came out to play.
And now as I wander, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way.

"South of the Border" [Earl Cootie] by Frank Sinatra [Steph], although I actually have the Patsy Cline version.

9. And I'm not sorry (I'm not sorry)
It's human nature (it's human nature)
And I'm not sorry (I'm not sorry)
I'm not your bitch don't hang your shit on me (it's human nature)

"Human Nature," by Madonna. Good job, Cooper.

10. First you say you do
And then you don't
And then you say you will
And then you won't
--Undecided, Ella Fitzgerald

11. I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
There's something tender in the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
And all the beaches are full of peaches
who bring their ukes along.
--Ukelele Lady, Bette Midler

12. Awaki hikari tatsu niwakaame
Itoshi omokage no jin'chouge
Afururu namida no tsubomi kara
Hitotsu hitotsu kaori hajimeru
--Haru yo Koi, Matsutoya Yumi

13. peuan kon neung aeb ruk ter
gep ngam kwaam lup nun yoo pai nai
gor mai ker-ee bert per-ee bai
duay glua ja sia jai lae sia ter
--Peun Sanit, Endorphine

14. Laras hati
Berkelana iris janji
Mengukir bisikan
Bisikan memacu hasrat
--Kamulah Satu Satunya, Dewa 19

15. Porque yo se que las almas se juntas
y que los cuerpos en vida se cruzan
porque la vida es asi misterios
aquiero que sepas que no pienso en otra cosa
--Santa Sofia, Chayanne

16. Te regalo mi cintura
y mis labios para cuando quieras besar
te regalo mi locura
y las pocas neuronas que quedan ya
--Tu, Shakira

17. As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way!
--Down to the River to Pray, Alison Krauss

18. I've been alone with you inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see you pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

"Hello," by Lionel Ritchie [Chelsea, again!]. I have the Paul Anka cover.

19. Now what am I supposed to do
When I want you in my world
How can I want you for myself
When I'm already someones girl?
--Next Lifetime, Erykah Badu

20. She knew which fork 2 use but she couldn't dance
So he hipped her 2 the funk in xchange 4 the finance
Who's pimpin' who if nobody gets a second chance?
This is the story of illusion, coma, pimp & circumstance
--Illusion, Coma, Pimp, and Circumstance, Prince

Good forkin' God, I have weird taste in music.

20 Songs, 7 Languages. Thanks for Playing!


  1. Good grief! This is the United Nations of songs! I only know ONE ... #9...Human Nature by Madonna. I guess I don't get to take home the Vuboq Cup.

  2. #6 Amr Diab.. don't know what the song title is. "habibi ya noor el'ain"?

  3. Okay. I'm at least familiar with #8. But I couldn't tell you the name for certain (I think it's "South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)") or who performs it.

  4. Anonymous11:32 PM

    OMG! #8=Sinatra?, and the title as earl cootie there said?

  5. 7 is Thriller by Michael Jackson
    18 is Hello (I think) by Lionel Richie.

  6. I am impressed by your wide-selection of songs. Alas, though, I know none of them.

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Totally was channel flipping yesterday, and I saw Sinatra singing South of The Border on what I think was the Grand Ole Opry (but I'm not sure). Weird, huh?