Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Say Something Hat Day

I made a pitcher. It's quite lovely, if I do say so myself. I forgot to take a picture of my pitcher, but it still has to survive trimming, handle attaching, firing, glazing, and firing again. I'm trying not to become too attached.

Before anyone makes any sort of jokes about me making a pitcher because I need a new one, please know that I was making all those jokes in my head during class. In fact, for some reason, I kept getting the Pervy Monkey Giggles ... especially when the supercute (but very young) straight Jewish boy kept talking about tapping the bottom ... of his bowl.

This pottery making thing is a lot more difficult than I remembered. It is taking a lot more concentration than I thought. I did notice that if one semi-yells "fuck!" while making a cylinder, the instructor almost immediately rushes over to help. Quite handy that. VUBOQ needs to watch his language in his class filled with babies. Or college sophomores. Same difference.

After class, I walked over to Y's. We ate. We had a good talk. We had sex. It's very weird how non-emotional the sex is becoming, at least on my part. I think it will be best for me if I stop sleeping with him though, but I am kind of liking the slow weaning as opposed to stopping cold turkey.

In other news, my AIDS Walk Team has raised $290, which is over 50% of its goal!!

And, considering that, right now, my AIDS Walk Team is ... just me, I rock.

Which means YOU rock! SUPER BIG HUGS and SMOOCHES to those of you who have donated. Slightly smaller hugs and smooches to those of you who haven't (I still *heart* you).

Dare I hope that I will surpass my goal? That would be so awesome.

Feeling generous? You should be able to click here to donate. [Please let me know if that link is wonky.]

More later, kittens. *smooch*


  1. You should have taken a picture of the cute Jewish guy holding your pitcher :)

    The fact that the sex with Y is becoming a lot less emotional is (in my opinion) an indication that there probably wasn't the deep emotional tie there to begin with.

    Often Hawt Secks confuses us into thinking we are in love but in actuality we are in lust.

  2. Remind me to donate closer to payday.

  3. If Bossy's husband reads this stuff he's going to file for divorce. Apparently post-breakup sex is on the rise. (no pun intended.) (OK maybe a little intended.)

  4. When is the deadline to donate? If there's time, I should be able to add a little bit next payday -- the last one before we have to start paying that damn Home Depot bill. *shudder*

  5. I don't know how you're doing it. I mean, appetite is appetite, and if you're good together... but once someone essentially tells me to my face that I fail to move him, I have a hard time wanting to put out after that. I start to think they're weirdo automatons who have utterly divorced sex from intimacy of any kind. Then I start to hate them.