Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Pottery Post

I went to the pottery studio this afternoon to trim my final vase and glaze my penultimate vase. The trimming went well. See:

Vase 6

It will now need to be fired, glazed, and fired again.

The other vase was not out of the kiln, so I'll need to go back at some point to glaze it as well.

I also picked up my fourth vase.


Yet Another Vase

Became this:

Vase 4 and Isabella

The vase is about 6 inches tall.
Please ignore the messy apartment. More photos of vase und pussy are on Flickr. Clickr.

oh. and I did this last night, thanks to a link provided by Earl Cootie:

It's me. Only crazy(er) looking.


  1. I 'specially like that wiggly final vase. Can't wait to see the final glazed product.

    Have a wunnerful week, daahling

  2. More importantly than all this pottery stuff, Vuboq chatted with me at the weekend and THIS BE THE RESULT!

  3. Yes, love the shape of Vase 6. It's kind of snail-shelly. You know, those long skinny ones? I don't know what they're called. (Except the vase isn't long and skinny, but nonetheless.)