Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ah. Laundry Day.

And, thus, it is Wednesday, the day in which VUBOQ, the Queen of Ass Forking (as proclaimed by the Gods of Google) [and, look, I made my new title work-safe. Am I not the most Benevolent Queen EVAR?], must do laundry.

Comments made to VUBOQ, the Queen of Ass Forking, today have included:

"Wow. You look nice today." and
"Are you going out after work?" and
"Holy Cow! You are smokin' hot! No wonder you are the Queen of Ass Forking!"

Ok. I made up the last one. But, the other two, are, like, totally ture*. TOTALLY!

It made VUBOQ (the Queen of Ass Forking) think two not entirely random or unrelated thoughts:

1. Maybe I should've put the Styling Goop™ in my hair this morning and I would've been totally CUTER (if that's even possible).**

2. Perhaps I should reconsider the wisdom of wearing the exact same sweater two days in a row. People do seem to notice what one is wearing.***

*I could've sworn I've blogged about "ture" (and "frist") before ... but I can't find it in my archives. Remind me and I'll tell you the story sometime.
**However, putting in the Styling Goop™ is way too tedious and time-consuming of a process to do every morning ... or most mornings, come to think of it.
***In my defense, I only do this after participating in a ... er ... sleepover, and I (usually) have a clean shirt on under the sweater.


  1. They may notice, but won't remember from day to day. I read an article about a woman who wore the same brown dress every day for a solid year and only like two people commented on it.
    At my office, if you dress in your nicer clothes, people assume you have an interview somewhere else...

  2. I wear the same clothes all the time, but when I'm only wearing them an hour to work to change into scrubs, then an hour home to take them off for bed, it doesn't seem practical to toss them in the laundry bin. The underwear is always clean, though.

  3. Yikes. My work wardrobe is limited, so I often re-wear pants twice (or more) in the same week. I always foolishly assume that people are like me and don't pay attention to clothes.

    I want to hear the ture story.