Thursday, November 15, 2007

Steam of Consciousness Whole Foods Shopping Excursion

Crackers and cheese.

Crackers and cheese.

Must only buy crackers and cheese.

Crackers. Crackers. Oooh. Chocolate. On sale! My favorite, Green & Black's Organic Chocolate 2 for $5. Savings of $0.69 each! EACH! Must buy two. Ginger chocolate. Red wine and dark chocolate. 70% cacao. Is that good? Buy it anyway. It's for the guests. Ginger chocolate is for MEEEEE (for *us* precious)!

Crackers. Crackers. Crackers. Water crackers? Too breaky. Rosemary crackers? Too over-powering. Have Ritz at home. TLC crackers? Too small ... hmmm ...

Entertainer Crackers! Ooh! That's me! An Entertainer! Just like Barry Manilow! With Wheat Germ! Healthy! At the Copa. Copacabana.

Cheese. Cheese. Hello, Olive Bar! Mexican olives? No. Greek olives? No. Cute little baby pickles? No. My resolve is strong. Ooooh. Olives with Herbs de Provence. Yes. What? No little olive containers? Guess I'll use a big one. Mmm. More olives. Oliiiiiiiives.

Cheese? Just brie. Only brie. One cheese. One cheese only. Brie. Blue cheese. Blue brie? Spanish cheese? Italian cheese? French cheese! Oui! Fromage! Brie. Single Cream? Double Cream? TRIPLE Cream?

Double Cream, it is. What's that cheese Shigeki recommended? It had an "f" in it. Here's one with an "f" ... it's French! It has mold! Let's buy it! Two cheeses. Done. Wait. Look. Drunken Goat Cheese. How can I not buy that? Three cheeses.

I really should have grabbed a basket.

$23.56 for a box of crackers and hunk of brie sure is expensive.


  1. *giggle* Love the stream-of-consciousness grocery shopping!

  2. chelsea: I'm glad someone liked it. It made me laugh when I was writing it. Of course, I'm weird like that.

  3. Do olive bars ever have the little containers available? I think it's a ploy to get us to buy more.

  4. Christ this is funny. But you really will have to get out of Bossy's head.