Monday, November 19, 2007

Goblinbox's Alphalist

Mush, over on the 'box, had this idea of making Alphalist CDs and sending them to each other. I managed to cobble together a list just now.

I haven't listened to it all the way through, so I may make some changes before I burn it and send it to her (hm. I've never burned a CD. How does one do that?).

Anyway, if anyone else is interested in participating, go to Mush's blog and leave a comment. Also, let me know if you're interested in receiving my CD ...

Here's the first few songs on my Alphalist:

Automatic (Album Edit), by Utada Hikaru (Japanese)
Believe, by Cher
Cinnamon Girl, by Prince
Darshan, by B21 (Hindi?)
Elang, by Dewa 19 (Indonesian) ...

And much, much 21 more ...


  1. Vuboq rox! *smooch* I totally want your Alphalist, omgwtfbbq, I totally want it now.

  2. Ok, I'm in on all this good stuff. :)

    *starts paging through her song list*


  3. How many people are gonna have "Ziggy plays guitar" for Z?

  4. I'm playing! I'll send you mine if you'll send me yours. :D