Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update: If It Weren't for Veterans I'd Never Get Laid Edition


So, my Do-Nothing Friday Night turned into a fun evening of drinks and Project Runway Season 3 (on DVD) with Tomoko. It also turned into a very hungover Saturday morning. *oog*

Needless to say, I did not make it up to Whole Foods to say "hi" to the WARL people and ask about kitty adoption. I did make it there in the afternoon to buy some bread and to pick up my coat from the dry cleaners ... speaking of which *grrr* there is now a button missing from my new (to me) coat. I need to haul it back up there at some point to see if they have the button. [Not today. I was feeling lazy.]

Saturday evening, DUN's SCGB, Tomoko, and I went to Mike's house for a little dinner party. It was nice. Good food. Mike made brownies. YUM. I drank too much ... but was surprisingly not all that hungover on Sunday morning.

For my date...

Yes, I had a date. We met for breakfast (which, admittedly is *not* the best time to date a VUBOQ). But, the date went well. I think we will be going out again.

I spent the rest of the day Sunday, blobbing on the sofa, knitting, and watching Lord of the Rings.

Today is my last "official" pottery class. *sniff* We still have 2 or 3 more weeks of open studio to finish our last projects though. Yay.

On my walk to work this morning, I reflected on the significance of Veteran's Day (observed) by trying to count how many former military men I've dated. It's actually quite a few, if you include non-US military. In (as close to) chronological order (as I can remember), there was Convertible Mike (you remember him, right? He was in the Army), Steve (Taiwanese military), John the Cheating Cheater (Air Force), Mike (Air Force), and Y (Israeli military). I feel like I'm missing a couple of others, but I don't have the energy or early morning brainpower to go figure it out. Maybe after another cup of coffee or two ... or seven.

God Bless America and it's Big Gay Military! *woot*


  1. OMG! Then I killed an opportunity for a kitten to be adobted? Sorry.

  2. I once dated (briefly) a former RAF officer. That's my only military experience, as it were.

    We have Runway Club 3 (as David calls it) on our Netflix queue. I think I need to move it up.

  3. To my knowledge, I have never dated anyone in the military. I do have a thing for sailors, though. Mmmm -- Sailors.

  4. That's a touching Veteran's Day tribute, remembering all the military men you've dated. I like that. Glad you had a fun-filled Friday, and Saturday, and maybe Sunday??