Saturday, November 03, 2007

The News Has Been Spread

It's the recap you've all been waiting for - VUBOQ Does New York!

I arrived at Penn Station a little before 3PM. I had to take the subway to Alison's office to pick up her apartment key. Then, I headed to her fabulous apartment in the Upper East Side. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through Central Park. Hot men! Jogging! *woot* Later, I met Jake for dinner. We went to an Indian restaurant, Haveli. It was OK. The pistachio ice cream was yummy, though. Mmm.

After dinner, we went to a bar, Eastern Bloc. Very cute. Soviet-era decor. Decent happy hour drinks. Yay.

The next day (Halloween), I went down to Lower Manhattan to see the sights - Trinity Church, the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve, etc. etc. etc. I also stopped by Century 21, the discount store. Ack! Shopping stress! People who wouldn't get out of my way. It was not a fun time.

After checking out the World Financial Center's big glassed in pavilion, I headed to SoHo to meet Jake for lunch. We ended up at Spring Street Natural Restaurant. Very good. Yum yum yum. After lunch, Jake went back to work, and I wandered around SoHo and the Village. I ended up at one point, around NYU and Washington Square, where I got to watch a bit of a children's Halloween Parade. Teh Cute!

Around 6, I staked out a spot on 6th Avenue to watch the Halloween Parade, which was really neat ... at first.

After about an hour and a half or so, it became fairly dull ... so Jake and I headed out for dinner, finally landing at a Thai restaurant, Prem-On. As we were finishing our meal, there was some excitment. A girl at the table beside us had a seizure of some sort. She went all rigid and collapsed on the floor. Her friends didn't know what to do. A waiter called 911 and, eventually, the EMTs arrived. Excitement over, Jake and I paid up and met Alison and Peter at a tiny little bar called Angel's Share.

Thursday morning, I walked across Central Park and hopped on the A train to very Northern Manhattan (190th Street), so I could stroll through Fort Tryon Park and visit the Cloisters. If you need to get out of the city, without really getting out of the city, the Cloisters is the place to go. It was like being in the countryside. Very pretty.

I had probably the best meal during my trip at the cafe in Fort Tryon Park, New Leaf Cafe. The blackberry margarita was Super Yummy!

Blackberry marg!

After lunch, I headed down to Chelsea, where I walked around looking at various buildings and shops until it was time to meet Jake for dinner - Mexican food at the Blue Moon Mexican Cafe. $4 Happy Hour Margaritas! *woot*

Then, we went to g lounge for awhile. Alison called while we were there, and we decided to meet at another bar, Barrage, in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, Barrage smelled like a toilet. So we left and walked up to Posh. It didn't smell like a toilet. Alison arrived, and Jake left soon after that. These two guys sat with Alison and me on a sofa in the back of the bar. I ordered another beer (Corona), as did one of those guys.

As the waiter was handing the guy his beer, he tripped and spilled beer all over us. We asked for napkins, and, once the waiter brought them, one of the other guys took all the napkins. Alison and I were, like, "Hello? Beer spilled on us too."

This guy apparently had the brainpower of ... um ... a rock, because he took his Corona, put his thumb over the top and turned it upside down to get the lime into the bottle. As he flipped it right side up, his thumb slipped, and he managed to spray me in the face with his beer. I was cleaning it off when the waiter brought my new beer, which dumb-as-rocks guy started to grab. I managed to pry it from his grip though.

He began to apologize for spraying me with beer by demonstrating what he did. "All I did was this," he said as he placed his thumb over the opening, tipped the bottle over, and managed to spill beer over us AGAIN.
I looked at him and almost started to say "Are you the dumbest person alive?" But, I managed to hold my tongue. Instead, I took a final swig of my beer, to demonstrate that one can actually drink a beer with out pouring it over other people, and said to Alison, "Let's go." And we did.

The next morning, I awoke very early (and very hungover) and headed to Penn Station. I was home by noon. I took a nap. Then, met Mike, Tomoko, and Jerry for happy hour. Yay!

All in all, a very good week. I'm glad to be home though!

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  1. Glad you had such a good time. The dumb as rock guy would be eating the f@cking bottle if he spilt it over me and treated me like that though - you need to toughen up Mr V.

    The technique we use here in Aus is "Eh mate, you're f@ckin GAWN" [whallop]

  2. Welcome home! You were missed! Beer guy must have been on something ... that's beyond dumb!

  3. Either beer guy had been drinking beer for a very long time or he was involved in some terrible accident that destroyed all sense of reason.

    Either way, I am glad that you had a good time.

  4. Bossy is pathetically glad that you are home. Bottoms up! Um, er...