Friday, November 09, 2007

Cold. Rain.

And I have no plans for a fun-filled Friday night.

As it looks right now, after work, I'm going to swing by the cleaners to pick up my new (to me) fabulicious pimp daddy vinage coat (eBay! $9.99!). Then, I will park myself in front of the TV, knit, surf the innartubez, and eat leftover Chinese Spicy Noodle Soup.

The DVD I have is Snakes on a Plane. I've actually been saving it to watch this weekend. Is that sad, or what?

Saturday, I'm going to head up to Whole Foods to talk to the Washington Animal Recsue League (WARL) people. They've recently rescued over 100 small breed puppies from a puppy mill in Virginia. I would *LOVE* to adopt one (Cairn or Yorkshire Terrier), but I don't have the time/patience/living arrangement that is conducive to being a responsible dog owner. I will drop off a little donation for the sweet puppies though. I also want to talk to them about getting another kitty. Psychokitty Isabella sometimes seems a little lonely. I think she might like a companion (either a declawed adult kitty or a kitten).

PS. If you're interested in either adopting one of the cute little puppy mill puppies (or making a donation), leave a comment and I'll forward you the email the director sent out this morning.

Saturday evening, Mike is hosting a movie/game night at his abode.

No plans for Sunday yet. It's getting colder; I feel myself shifting into hibernating homebody mode.


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Haha, snakes on a plane is hilarious, in an entirely unintentional way. The best kind of hilarious in my opinion.

    Please don't get a declawed kitty. Declawing is an incredibly cruel process invented by people who obviously don't have the time or the patience to be a responsible cat owner. It shouldn't be encouraged.

    Have a nice weekend :) xxx

  2. Bossy is SO hibernating already.

  3. rachael: to clarify, *I* would never have a cat declawed. But, because Isabella is declawed (before I adopted her), she may not have a good relationship with a clawed adult cat. So, if I adopted an adult cat, I would prefer one that was previously declawed.

  4. In my experience, girl kitties are a lot funnier about companionship than boys. That said, maybe she needs a little gay-boy kitty so she can be his fruit fly.

    We recently had a puppy mill seizure up this way and some of my techs are fostering dogs from it. I considered it, but given the recent adoption of a new (boy) kitty, and given that part of the agreement with David over that was "no new dog for a while", it ain't gonna happen.

  5. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I'll let you off then... :P