Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You Know You Want This

I'm listening to my AlphaList CD now (ok. Actually, it's 2 CDs, because only A through R would fit on the first CD), and it ROCKS! You know you want it. And you know how you get it? Do you?

You beg and plead and offer me all sorts of sexual favors.

OR ...

You make an AlphaList CD of your own and send it to me. Check out Goblinbox's post for all the details.

So far, I think I'm exchanging CDs with Chelsea, Sassy, and Goblinbox. Is that right?

Hm. The CD seems to be skipping during some songs. WHY? I may need to reburn it. You can reburn CDs, right?


  1. You are definitely exchanging CDs with me! I'm going to get mine together this weekend.


  2. Can I be counted as a "tentative"? I'm only halfway through the alphabet right now. I hope I won't get bogged down with all those esses and tees. (Got the Q nailed though.)