Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update: Always the Last to Know Edition

The ENTIRE KNOWN WORLD is going to descend on Vutopia ... Or at least a couple of bloggers from the Land of Oz. Mark your calendars, and head to the DC/Metro Area for a celebration of EPIC proportions March 16-18, 2008.

So, my weekend was good. Friday night at Mike's was fun. He made yummy vegetarian pizza. And, then, we watched PR4, Episode 1.

Saturday, I blobbed. I started a new chili vodka infusion. I cancelled my date. And I cooked a yummy dinner. Y called and came over. We talked and watched movies. We did not have teh secks.

Sunday, he drove me to the pottery studio, where I trimmed a vase and picked up one finished vase (see previous entry). Then, I went home and started to feel yucky, like I was coming down with the ague. And, no one likes to come down with the ague. So, I took several multivitamins, drank lots of grapefruit juice, and made a couple martinis. Soon, I was numb and happy. I feel better this morning, so it must've worked.

And, that's about it. I have a lot of little things to do today. Like buy a new pair of shoes. And go grocery shopping. And send out an evite reminder.

I'm so glad this is a 3-day workweek. *woot*


  1. So, what's this Global Blogger Meetup about? Tell me more! Oh wait.... Ha ha ha! When are you going to tell the waiting masses the other reason I chose those dates? Just imagine the wealth you could have if you insist on a gift per attendance. Or a ribbon (he he)

  2. only me: I'm sure my loyal readers have already grasped the significance of those date! I mean, really, it's the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR!!!

  3. Those dates are some of the most holy for us.

    Your Lego avatar looks a bit sinister.

  4. I have to work on Friday. But it's still a short week. Four days is better than five, no matter how you slice them.

  5. I'm with gayprof on the avatar. And the ague is no fun. Neither is The Crud. But both are probably a trifle better than the grippe.

    You can have the martinis, though. I'm happy with my corn likker and honey.

  6. Sweet fruity drinks infused with rum, darling. Not too heavy, lots of ice. Tropical-looking umbrellas optional.

    Well *I* only have a two day work week! However, on Wednesday I have to take my college freshman daughter to get her wisdom teeth pulled. T'giving at our place is going to involve nursing a sad specimen of daughterhood. Purée of green bean casserole, anyone?

    I am pretending to think about the possibility of maybe trying to see if I can find a way to get to the greater DC area in mid March. But I'm not sure why exactly. I must be missing some vital info about those dates, because except for the fact that 3/17/08 is the 25th anniversary of the wedding of Java and Superman, I can think of nothing significant. Not including St. Patrick's Day. Is that it??? Green beer?

  7. You're not pregnant?!?!

  8. St Paddy! I forgot about that! Wow, can this get anymore awesome? A pom with Irish heritage from Aus in DC for St Paddy's day with US and Canadanian company! Wow. And I got an email from a german friend I met in New Zealand saying she'll be in San Fran that time but will do her best to attend. Global mate....