Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Update: Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

Ah. The long, cold slog up the hill to my office, and here I am, back at work. *bleah*

On the bright side, greeting me at my desk was a bag of YARN! Beautiful, beautiful yarn in the color butternut. Now, I can start on the promised, long-awaited Harry Potter Gryffindor scarves for two dear friends who live far, far away. And, then, I can use the leftovers to finish the Oscar Project. So, hopefully, by Christmas, two friends will have warm necks, and one cute shelter puppy will have a warm place to sleep. Yay!

Of course, that all depends on my finishing the Never-Ending Afghan of Doom and the First-Ever Cable Knit Scarf for two other friends' Christmas Presents.

Meanwhile, my weekend was chock full of fun and excitement, especially if one defines chock full of fun and excitement as "spending lots of time on the sofa watching TV, knitting, and surfing the innarwebez."

Friday night, Tomoko and I met Mike at Halo for happy hour. It was not a happy hour. Halo has changed their 2-for-1 drink special. It now only includes rail likker, beer and wine. WTF Halo? Cheapo Commie Bastards. Of course, the bartender didn't tell us this until after we ordered our high call likker and paid for our drinks. Bee-yatch. So, we finished our (over-priced) drinks and walked to Playbill Cafe for $3 beer! Jerry met us there. Then, the four of us met 2 of Mike's friends at Skewers for dinner. Y joined us there. After dinner -which was surprisingly good. Skewers tends to be a bit hit-or-miss- Mike and his friends went out and Y drove Tomoko and me home. The three of us had superior martinis at Bar VUBOQ.

Saturday, I had sex (yay) and brunch at Austin Grill. [Editor's note: The sex was not at Austin Grill.]

And, that was pretty much the high point of Saturday. I watched the first 3 Harry Potter movies while working on the Never-Ending Afghan of Doom (a little over half done now! YAY!).

Sunday, I was a total blob. Blobby McBlobbypants from Blobberville. I ate. I drank. I knitted. I watched more movies. I drank more. I ate. I surfed the 'netz. OMG! I bought a coat on eBay for only $10 [I'd link to a photo, but I can't access eBay from work ... I might be able to get my hands on one later though ... stay tuned]. No one was around to share the joy. This is the last time I try to win an eBay auction while Desperate Housewives is on.

See how much fun I can haz?

Today is the penultimate pottery class. *sniff* Fortunately, we are allowed to use the studio for two (or three) more weeks after the class ends to finish up any projects. I might be getting back the objects I glazed last week. I hope so. I can't wait to see what they look like. Hopefully, they won't be too hideous.

Of course, if they are too hideous, guess what the fam is getting for Xmas?

I guess that's it for now. If you want to see lots and lots of photos of my pussy, getchyerself over to my Flickr page. Here.


  1. "Editor's Note" -- hahahahahahahahaha, or should Bossy say, "hehehehehehehe."

  2. Come on! I was "partly" there to share the joy ;) But it's true, even VUBOQ can't compete with the housewives.

  3. You're still sleeping with that guy?