Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update: The Pigeon of Peace Edition

Thursday night at the Thai Curry Party, Kristi, one of the upstairs neighbors, brought a game to play, Catchphrase. It's similar to Taboo in that you try to get everyone on your team to guess a certain word or phrase without using that word or phrase. During one of Y's turns, he started giving the clues, "it's a bird, "it symbolizes peace," etc. etc. etc. Everyone was guessing "dove."


The word was pigeon.

Yes, the Pigeon of Peace. It made me laugh. Although, someone said that doves and pigeons are actually the same species. Not sure about that though. Is there an ornithologist in the house? Earl Cootie?

Anyway ...

Friday and Saturday, I did a whole bunch of sitting on the sofa knitting and watching DVDs. *woot* I also cleaned (a little), made a quick trip to the grocery store, cut back the chrysanthemums, covered their stubby little stems with compost, and ... um ... did I mention knitting and watching DVDs?

Saturday night, Tomoko, SCGB, and I went to downtown Silver Spring for drinks. The first stop was cocktails at Ceviche. I had a pisco sour. It was OK ... but the morning after effects ensure that I will never order another. I think it was the egg white in it which didn't make for happy tummy.

After Ceviche, we went two doors down to Thai at Silver Spring for drinks and appetizers (and SCGB had dinner). Our next plan was to go into DC, but it was cold. So we went back to my place for more drinks and Project Runway: Season 2 on DVD. *woot*

I went to bed a little after 2.

I woke up at 11ish ... which was one hour after I was supposed to have a date. oops. I called, apologized, and went back to bed until 1:30. Aaaah. I did lots of blobbing, and finally felt like my old self again around 4:30. Yay. [The date has been rescheduled for tomorrow, btw.]

Not much on the agenda for today. I think I'm going to the pottery studio after work to see if my last two vases are out of the kiln.

I think I may also knit. And watch DVDs.


  1. In my pommie hometown the local slang for helicopter is "Paraffin Budgie". I'm sure that helps.

    Seriously though, I'm almost certain pigeons and doves are the same family. They make the same stupid fucking noise and leave the same stinking green shit everywhere. I've never figured why they're supposed to be birds of peace. Flying rats.

    I love that bit in the stupid film "Mars Attacks!" when the green dudes blast the doves with ray guns. ha ha ha.

    I'll go to bed now. Incase you've not noticed I've lacked any form of interaction for a few days. Sucks to be you eh?

  2. Even if pigeons and doves are the same, one wonders why he didn't just call them "flying rats."

  3. Bossy missed you while she was in her Tryptophan coma.

  4. Yeah, technically pigeons are a type of dove, though a different species from mourning doves. Another name for them is actually rock dove. In Spanish, they're both called paloma.

    Still, "pigeon of peace"?

  5. We get "rock doves" fairly regularly in our backyard. Since they aren't such a plague in this non-urban area, they are actually pretty sweet, mating pairs cooing at each other and keeping each other in sight when they are foraging.

  6. Season 2 was the only one I watched start to finish. I had a thing for Santino.