Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Here's a fun vocabulary game that also feeds the hungry.
Go. Play it now.


  1. Heather Outside Boston3:03 PM

    What a fantastic site -- I hope it's fore real 'cause I donated 400 grains (I didn't know I knew all those words).

  2. heather outside boston: from what I can gather, it is for real. i think i've donated about 1300 grains the past two days. the game is addictive.

  3. Cool! (But man, some of those words are hard! I got a lot right but only by guessing.)

  4. Cool? Perhaps, but infuriating too. Not only can I not beat 47, but some of wrong answers I would argue are not wholly wrong. And when I say "I would", I do of course mean "I did"; cursing a monitor is not a good look. But I've hit the stage where I don't know what the answers mean any more (what's a quahog?), so had better stop before I start hecatombing.