Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Profile Pic

Yeah, so the Fork Me! Lego Man* was a tad on the creepy side. So, here's SuperCute Me and the Fall Foliage! Suck it, Princess!

Meanwhile, I have nothing really to blog about other than I'm bored and I have somewhere between 8 and 13 people coming to my house tomorrow and I've realized that (a) I may not have enough rice [Fortunately, Tomokito may let me have a bit of her rice stash] and (b) I have no non-alcoholic beverages. I guess I'll be running to the store on Thanksgiving morning, b/c I sure as heck ain't going there tonight (Can we say MADHOUSE?).

Either that or non-drinkers (what up with that?) will have to make do with water.

I also bought some two-bite brownies for tomorrow. They are sitting here. Beside my desk. Calling out "Eat me, VUBOQ. Eat me" with the quiet desperation of two-bite brownies who want to be eaten. Now.

Must. Resist.

*Maybe this one is a little better?


  1. New profile pic: you look very outdoorsy. Very hike-ish.

    Your thanksgiving: the no-alcohol drinkers can collect the rain water from your apartment's canopy. Please!

    Have a great one Smoochie!

  2. "Eat me, VUBOQ. Eat me"


  3. You have friends who don't drink??

    Very cute new profile pic. I don't miss lego man at all.