Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Chili Pepper Graveyard. Updated.

As most of you know, I planted chili peppers this year, approximately 16 plants. Only the 4 I put in a planter filled with compost actually produced anything ... and their chilies were (a) tiny and (2) spicy ... which I suppose is a good thing.

Those 4 plants are *still* producing. I tired of picking and stringing and drying the damn things, so I haven't harvested anything recently.

The other twelve plants, suffering from poor soil and irregular watering (oops. my bad), whithered away to nothing. Thus allowing me to christen my garden the Chili Pepper Graveyard.

However, one plant in the graveyard has managed to not die. I'm not sure how. I stopped watering it months ago. It's actually looking quite healthy and has loads of tiny green chilies on it. I'm wondering now if they will redden before it gets too cold. Probably not. Maybe I should pick them green?

AND, in other bright Graveyard news, some of the slug-infested chrysanthemums are starting to bloom again. I forgot to water them for quite awhile too, and all their pretty blooms whithered and died.

I cut off the crispy flower buds a few weeks ago. I guess some of the buds I left weren't dead. 3 of the 5 plants have a couple of blossoms each on them. Very pretty.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, if you had to choose your favorite tree (species, not actual individual tree), what would it be?


  1. That's an easy one. Apple trees.

  2. Heather Outside Boston3:05 PM

    Ginko -- lovely trees, and the fact that the species is ancient is fascinating. :-) (Except that the fruit on the female smells like gasoline and soap.)

  3. mel and heather outside boston: thanks for answering. vuboq may be revealing his favorite tree in an upcoming post. stay tuned! *ooh suspense*

  4. Oh, so hard to choose just one! I think maybe, the Cedar tree ... because its scent reminds me of my Nana.

  5. Cooper, you work in forestry don't you? It is hard enough for me to chose one favorite species, I can't imagine how difficult it would be if I worked with trees.

    I think my favorite is the live oak. There are a lot of them in Florida, and they are majestic. My second favorite (today) is the Ginko. The leaves are so beautiful, especially when they turn yellow in autumn.

  6. mountain ash (rowan) or oak

  7. So, is this to also say that the beer worked on the slugs? Or did they just get drunk and pass out long enough for the mums to bloom again?

  8. Too easy - the Aussie classic, the Jacaranda - try this for pics