Friday, November 16, 2007

More About Chelsea Clinton and Her Sweet Potatoes

So, I've been doing a little on-line stuff for those of you who are dying to know all about Chelsea Clinton and her sweet potatoes, and I came across this article: Hail to the Chef

It wasn't hard to find. It was, like, the third link on Google. And, while it doesn't share a recipe for Chelsea Clinton's Sweet Potato Casserole Thai Soup, there is a bit of a SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT ...

If Chelsea Clinton is a vegetarian, this chef is thoughtless and cruel (or this isn't really how he made the soup):

Scheib recalls Chelsea Clinton's decision to become a vegetarian when she was a senior in high school. "Mrs. Clinton knew (Chelsea) would be going away soon, so she asked me, 'Can you give her some cooking lessons?' So she spent a couple of hours, a couple or times a week with us, learning about cooking, and about (being) vegetarian, that it doesn't mean just eating vegetables."

One dish that Scheib taught Chelsea to make was sweet potatoes with a southeast Asian twist. "She loved sweet potatoes, being from Arkansas," Scheib said. "We took that pedestrian vegetable and put a great Thai spin on it."

The result was Red Curry Sweet Potato Soup, a velvety blend of sweet potato, coconut milk and chicken stock flavored with ginger, garlic, shallots, lemon grass and lime juice.*

Dear Chef Scheib:



*For all of you poor shlubs trying to find the recipe, here it is. Do you really need the measurements?

If I were going to make a soup like this, I would take a couple of sweet potatoes, peel and slice them. Boil in a can of coconut milk and a couple of cups of vegetable stock (I think mushroom stock might be nice). Add shallots, ginger, garlic, lime juice, and lemon grass. Add a couple of tablespoons of red curry paste (depending on your taste). Once it's all soft and cooked, remove the lemongrass, and puree.

Voila! Velvety Thai-Inspired Red Curry and Sweet Potato Soup! Easy Peasy! I mean, really, who couldn't make this soup?


  1. It's kind of like when people say, "I'm a vegetarian. I only eat seafood." Makes me wanna smack that pre-Vatican II idiocy out of their stupid heads.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Maha. Not a vegetable, indeed.

    People are funny.

  3. Doesn't he know that it needs fish stock to be vegetarian? ;)

  4. I just saw this again and it made wonder if you knew what else you could do with a sweet potato. Well, maybe not you, specifically, but Chelsea, maybe. Theoretically.